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This page is dedicated to Domestic Relations information. The goal is to provide a useful and accessible resource for court related information. The downloadable forms are arranged for easier review and retrieval. (Every effort is made to keep the links on this website current. If you find a bad link let us know.)
ATTENTION: The Excel Child Support Calculator will no longer be supported beginning October 1, 2018. The Georgia Commission on Child Support and the Judicial Council/AOC has created an Online Child Support Calculator. Https://   The online calculator provides a website that allows you to create a worksheet. You’ll need login credentials but can create those your first visit to the website. 
With E-Filing,  adherence to certain work flows will improve the process  of completing uncontested divorces.
When there are children, the final envelope should include for simultaneous entry by the Court, the Final Decree, the Parenting Plan, the Child Support Worksheet, the Child Support Addendum, and the disposition form. The Final Decree should indicate that the Parenting Plan, Worksheet and Addendum are incorporated and made a part of the Decree by reference.
When presented in this manner, no signature line for the Judge is needed on the Addendum and Parenting Plan.


1. Certificate of Adoption

2. Declaration in Lieu of Agency Report - Stepparent Adoption

3. Adoption Form 419  


1. Divorce without children     

  1. Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit

2. Divorce with children

 ONLINE CHILD SUPPORT CALCULTOR (LINK)  ********** Exclusively in 2019

  1. Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit
  2. Child Support Worksheets (data entry form ver 9.2) 
  3.  State website for other form options
  4.  Parenting Plans(contested WORD form) OR

3. Modification of custody 

4. Modification of support only

  1. Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit
  2. Child Support Worksheets (see online calculator)

5. Domestic Relations Pretrial Order

 DRPTO-2014 rev.

  • Exhibits to be attached to DRPTO
  1.  List of Witnesses 
  2.  List of Evidentiary Exhibits 
  3.  Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit
  4.  Property Schedule
  5.    Online Child Support Calculator   (where applicable)
  6. Parenting Plans  (where applicable)
  7.  Seminar for Divorcing Parents  (2009 rev) 
    • Attendance is required in all divorce cases with common parents.
  8.  Other
  9. Stipulations

6. Addendum to be attached with the child support worksheets to the proposed final order.

  1.  Child Support Addendum to Order (initial determination) fill-in form
  2. Child Support Addendum to Order (initial determination) paper
  3.  Child Support Addendum to Order (modification) paper>

/U.S.C.R. 24.2 changes.
Rule 24 seems to be one of those rules that gets changed often. Be aware.




Information about the Domestic Relations Pre-trial Order Form

This form is different from the general civil pre-trial order form. It is required in all contested domestic cases and the parties must submit a proposed consolidated domestic relations pre-trial order prior to the scheduling of any final hearing.

When one party fails to cooperate with the consolidated proposal or the parties can't agree on the consolidation, a conference with the judge should be scheduled pursuant to U.S.C.R 7.1.




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