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FYI: For Domestic cases with children the online child support calculator has been linked to the Family Law page.

*ON THE CRIMINAL LAW PAGE :Drug Accountability Court forms available. Other forms, too.

*CALENDAR CLERKS: Criminal Calendar Clerks arrange the scheduling of criminal case in Superior Court. 

The Criminal Calendar Clerk assignments:

 Chief Judge McElyea - Donna Long -

 Judge Cannon - April Brown -

 Judge Baker -Deborah 'Debby' Turner 678-493-6478 -* Information about Worksheet, Calculator and Domestic Relations Pre-trial Order below:  
* GA Child Support Worksheet Calculator: For more information visit Administrative Office of the Courts  website.

*Download the DOMESTIC RELATIONS PRETRIAL ORDER (2014 rev) . Family Law attorneys must use this form when submitting a proposed pre-trial order in Cherokee County.  [The standard form does not include items BRJC Judges expect to see in the proposed order. See the Family Law page for more information.]

*OCGA 15-10-54 provides for changes in requirements for redacted information in filings.

Family Law - Downloadable Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit forms, Parenting Plan forms, Child Support Worksheet form, Child Support Addendum forms, Domestic Relations Pretrial Order forms and other forms.

Criminal Law - Link to published jury trial calendars. Forms for BRJC criminal guilty pleas. NOTE: Changes to arraignment procedures, long on the list, are coming soon.


Attorney Resources - Information on attorney conflicts, withdrawal, leave of absence. Best practices for Contempt petitions, answers and presentations. Rule 36.4 relating to signatures on pleadings and proposed orders.

Common Information - Various terms and requirements.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Superior Court will follow the inclement weather schedule of the county administration unless otherwise noted on the Clerk's website.  Individual Judges hearing jury trials may give separate instructions to the persons involved in those particular trials.

INTERPRETERS: Link below to Rules for use of interpreters for non-english speaking and hearing impaired persons.

CRIMINAL TRIAL CALENDARS: Link to published criminal jury trial calendars - on Criminal Law page.

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See LINKS below for the Georgia Supreme Court Rules on use of interpreters for non-english speaking and hearing impaired persons.

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